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Student Life Experiences

Students at Las Positas College share their life experiences [...]

Express Newscast: “Half-naked guys running around in Speedos”

  We at The Express strive to be your primary source for information and news about Las Positas College. As part of our efforts to bring you complete coverage, we introduce The Express Newscast. This first [...]

LPC Student Stories

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Students at Las Positas College tell stories of unfortunate events for your entertainment! [...]

Home of the free, because of the brave

Marine Corps veteran, Paul Nawrath, discusses his life as a soldier, deployed in the Middle East, and the difficulties that come with transitioning from (active) Marine back to civilian life. [...]

Mike’s story: Sponsorship and Recovery

Mike Ford shares about his experience sponsoring recovering addicts and the twelve step program that saved his life. [...]

Organic Rhythym

Organic Rhythm Video by Benji Zachariah Organic Rhythm is a local electric dance music DJ from Tracy, CA that attributes the increasing popularity of electric dance music to human nature’s natural vibrations, energy, and love frequency. [...]

Warriors watch riders

The Warriors Watch Riders are a group of patriotic people that dedicate their time to welcome soldiers back home, provide escorts for military funerals and attempt to ensure that veterans are not scorned or ridiculed for [...]

LARPing in Tracy

This is a small project covering Harrison Beariner in Tracy about his life,LARPing, and the stress that he deals with. [...]

Fire Poi 101

Fire Poi 101 Jason Leskiw, Managing Editor Robert Coffer is a Bay Area native that has immersed himself into his passion of playing with fire. Literally. The art is called “Fire Poi,” and it is something [...]

Gun-slinging Gals

Video by Eric Bolin Rose “Winry” Rockbell is a young LPC student, but with one thing that’s differentiates her from some of the other women on campus. She loves guns.  She loves to shoot. And beware of standing [...]