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By Mitchell Mylius

Youtube comedian Nicole Arbour recently released a video called “Dear Fat People”, that got a lot of views, but not a long-lasting support.

The video was a viral rant similar to the other Youtuber, Jenna Marbles. However, it shamed fat people and the comedian said, “This is not a fat-shaming video,” several times.

Arbour described a story in her video about how she is all sweaty from running to her next flight when she sees a, “fat family in golf carts,” and one of the individuals was handicapped and took her seat on the plane. Leaving her to sit next to “Jabba-the Sun”.

The world went to the comment box in outrage over the 30 year-old viral video, to which she did not seem to care. An article in Time reveals that she repeatedly claims the video is “satire” and she won’t be apologizing for it any time soon.

One person who did not like the “Fat Shaming” display, Pat Mills, was a director for a movie called “Don’t Talk to Irene” which is ironically about a 16-year old overweight bully victim who had dreams of being a cheerleader. Arbour was in talks with Mills to do choreography for the movie.

But, after seeing the video, the director told Zap2It he did not want to see her again. Mills said Arbour’s attempt at humor, “is an unfunny and cruel fat-shaming video that guises itself about being about health.”

Maybe she can get a gig at Tommy T’s instead.

But, Tommy T’s actually has funny staff.

Check out Whitney Way Thore’s Response to Arbour here

“Next time you see a fat person,” said Thore, “you don’t know whether that person had a medical condition that caused them to gain weight.”


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