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Aretha Welch
Special to The Express

When finals week approaches, students are asked to do a lot. Study hard, work, attend class and maintain their health — with only 24 hours per day.

What often goes out the window is sleep, replaced with heavy amounts of caffeine. Though Red Bull energy drinks and Starbucks coffee serves as a vise that helps some students, for others, it can stem into an addiction.

“People can feel like their head is just kind of spacy, that’s one of the common symptoms,” Dayna Barbero, a nurse practioner who helps run LPC’s health and wellness center, said. “Sometimes if someone has a pre-existing cardiac problems, and a lot of times people don’t realize it, and they take a lot of caffeine, it can cause their heart to go into palpitations.”

While a standard dose of caffeine can be helpful to anyone in their daily routine, too much can serve them with extensive problems.

For more, watch the video above.

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