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Shayla Gasca

$130 for a math textbook. $80 for a lab workbook. $20 for the semester’s parking pass. And, of course, the $552 for 12-unit tuition.

After spending what is often over $1,000 many students may be worried about where they will get their next meal.

With the cafeteria being a bit pricy, the surrounding community offers more financially suitable options for broke students to satisfy their hunger.

At the semester’s beginning, community college students have often sunk the majority of available funds into school necessities, and find themselves starved and too broke to eat.

While the cafeteria offers a wide variety of tasty fare, many students find the prices unaffordable.

“Yes it’s expensive,” Las Positas College student Jannine Chavarria said. “I had to pay nearly 4 dollars for a slice of pizza, and couldn’t afford a drink with it.”

With the high prices, several students have found themselves starved to discomfort in class.

“(It) sucks,” LPC student Asem Khan said. “You just can’t concentrate at school, your homework, studies and anything.”

However, with LPC’s central location, students do not have to search very far for more economical meals.

Around the corner from the campus is Airway Square, which houses places like Wise Guys, Subway, El Cerrito and even a drive-thru Starbucks. Wendy’s is also a convenient fast food place, on the corner of Airway and North Canyons.

Wendy’s: Wendy’s is the fast food restaurant closest to campus. The most popular food choice on the menu would be the new Strawberry Fields Chicken Salad. The pretzel bacon cheeseburger is another popular cheap and tasty choice.

Subway: Subway is located down the bridge of Airway Blvd. With their ever-popular “$5 footlongs,” along with their daily value menu, broke students can get a sandwich for three to six dollars. And with free toppings, they could turn a basic sandwich into a Thanksgiving feast.

In-N-Out: In-N-Out is one of the most loved restaurants for lunch or dinner. Students order anything from the double-double to the protein burger. A protein burger is a burger without the bun and cheese. It only has lettuce, tomato, and the patty. Customers can also choose to go “animal style.”

Everything on this list of meals from chosen eateries is under $8.  They include a drink, a side, as well as the entree. For those students who find themselves even further fiscally challenged, these chosen locations offer even cheaper options.

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