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With so many people on campus, it can be tough to find a nice area some serenity, a place to get away from it all. But many peaceful places exist on this carefully structured campus.
Away from student traffic, you can chill and unwind from the stress of your classes. Next time you need some time to yourself, these five spots will be waiting for you.

Just outside of the 4000 building is the outdoor ampitheater, a giant space where students can sit and relax. It is a quick walk to many classrooms.

Near the gym, concrete bleachers tower around the soccer field. One can unwind and relax as they listen to the wind graze the green grass.

Inside the new 2100 building is the newly re-opened Tutorial Center with access to tutors who can help students, even by drop-in.

In the middle of the 4000 building stands a bamboo enclosure that provides a serene environment.

Giant green hills roll next to the track, providing a background that is reminiscent of the default

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