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Matt Stone and Trey Parker follow up on “The Pandemic Special” that tackles the origins of COVID and Qanon conspiracies with “The Vaccination Special.”

This special follows the boys of South Park who are now back in socially distanced school. Meanwhile, the teachers in town are becoming more and more frustrated that they cannot qualify to receive a vaccine as soon as possible now that class is back in session.  

Vaccines are seemingly impossible to come by for the people of South Park unless you’re a senior citizen. Because of this, everyone in town is becoming more and more desperate to go back to normal.  

An ill-placed prank made by the boys during class one day triggers a series of events that lead to Mr. Garrison who was notoriously POTUS for the last four years to come back to town to teach at South Park Elementary. All the while he is desperate to receive the approval of the people in town who now hate him. 

The plotline also delves into how the political landscape has shifted after the last administration, with many members of Qanon in town looking to Mr. Garrison to lead them. Uninterested, Mr.Garrison’s main focus remains to be accepted by the rest of town. 

Mr. Garrison finds himself realizing the Qanon conspirators were right all along. In a fourth-wall-breaking scene, he makes a “deal with the devil” to get enough vaccinations via Air Israel for the citizens of South Park. 

The South Park episode is available for streaming at and HBO Max (paid).

Alexis Ramirez is a staff writer for The Express. Follow her @LexiTRam

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