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Tami Shepherd
Staff Photographer

The crowd hushed as the lights dimmed at the Main Stage Theater in anticipation for what was to be the showcase for the students four months of hard work during the semester.

As the stage lights tuned on the opening performance, “Beginning,” the students looked out on a packed house for the Las Positas spring recital “ Journey through a world of dance” on May 3.

“It was very nice,” dancer D’orsey Fitzpatrick, said of the crowd. “My first semester the dance program was just getting into rhythm, and not many people know about it. Now three semesters later more and more people know and it’s nice to see them (at the performance).

The mood of the music shifted from slow to fast throughout the night, but the one constant was the audience yelling the names of friends and family as they moved their bodies to the beat of the music.

Nerves were high before the stage lights turned on, but once the music started the dancers bodies took control according to Fitzpatrick.

“Before taking the stage it was nerve racking,” Fitzpatrick said. “ Once we got on stage we let our bodies remember what we practiced all semester.”

That muscle memory was on show through the night with the crowd giving the performers a standing ovation, after they packed the stage for their last number, “Ends of the Earth.”

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