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Ramadan, the ninth and shortest month in the Islamic calendar, began on the Sunday evening of March 10 and will end on Tuesday, April 9. Across the globe, Muslims annually participate in the month of Ramadan. During which, Muslims increase their acts of worship by reading the Quran, praying, giving charity and going to the Mosque. They also avoid falling into sin, which includes drinking, smoking, sexual relations and talking ill about one another during this time. Ramadan is designed to help cleanse the body and soul and it also helps one become closer to their creator. This month can be difficult for some, as Muslims are required to fast during the day — meaning no food or water until sundown from approximately 5 a.m. until about 7 p.m.. 

It is best to wake and eat before sunrise to ensure one has enough caloric intake needed for the day ahead, because even while fasting Muslims still go about their day. The early meal is followed up with Fajr, a morning prayer of Fajr. The fast is usually broken with a date in honor of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be onto Him) who broke his fast the same way. 

For Muslim students, Ramadan can be especially hard. Having the energy to maintain focus and academic effort may be difficult while fasting. Hunger, fatigue, dehydration and limited energy makes focusing and engagement in school harder. Las Positas provides students a place to pray, since the adversity of fasting is intended to draw Muslims closer to Allah.

LPC Student Government and the Muslim Students Association (MSA) worked together to ensure students practicing Ramadan are taken care of while attending classes during the day. Three stations have been set up on campus where students are able to break their fast with dates, snacks and water. The first station where students could break their fast is at the prayer room in the 2400 building. It includes prayer mats and Qurans. The second location is in the library and the third is located in the Student Government offices, room 1643. 

These resources on campus are a definitive benefit to the Muslim community at LPC. Students being able to break their fast with other Muslim students helps create and maintain meaningful connections between students and their faith.

The school will also be hosting an event to celebrate Eid on April 18th to show support for the Muslim community. Eid is a holiday that is celebrated after the Holy Month of Ramadan where families and the community get together for picnics, vacations or just quality time with loved ones. Eid is the only holiday Muslims celebrate. Many put on their nicest clothes and best fragrances. All students are welcomed to celebrate with food, arts and crafts and activities to commemorate the day.

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