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On Thursday, Oct. 1. Lara Wiedemeier, Yanran (“Ruby”) Yan and Lord Ferrer were sworn in as Director of Communication, Director of Events and ICC Chair respectively. Until the appointments, the student government offices had been vacant, leaving a void in student leadership.

The newly elected members thanked the board and stated hopes to use their positions to create a more interconnected and supportive environment for student interaction and clubs. 

Elected officials showed support for rebuilding clubs, student life and campus resources that have been affected by the pandemic.

Lara Wiedemeier, LPCSG Director of Communication, said, During these difficult times of social distancing, I hope to reunite the campus through online outreach. Through LPCSG communication outlets, I would provide clear and concise information to the student body, allowing the student body to reconnect with student life here at Las Positas College.”

Ruby Yan, LPCSG Director of Events, focused on opportunities to help. She said, “I think there are a lot more ways to provide our students with the help they need. I believe that as long as we keep up the hard work and forge ahead, we can provide more resources with higher quality to the student body.”

Lord Ferrer, theNew ICC Chair, has plans to help students. Ferrer said, “The thing that immediately pops into mind when I think about student life is connection. What I mean by that is, being able to connect with students, faculty, and community members. Perhaps setting up a virtual meet-and-greet/Q&A section as a way for us to introduce ourselves to the community, answer any questions they may have.” 

Ferrer would also like to see improvements to the LPC Student Government pages on the college website. He recommends including an “All-About-Me page for all members of the Senate (include a picture of yourself), as a way for people to know who we are.”

Members of the student government congratulated the new members and expressed enthusiasm for working with them in the future.

Han Nelson is the A&E Editor of The Express. Follow him @SCP_TLDR.

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