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Upcoming Plays from LPC’s Theater Department
As the Fall semester comes to an end, the theater department prepares for their last showcase of the year and promise much more during the Spring semester. As their last showcase for the semester, the Las Positas Theater Department will show “Pop Rocks” – a musical about an evolution of the idea of rock musicals.

Professor Titian Lish from the theater department at LPC said, “The next event coming up is the musical theater showcase that we’ll be doing on the Dec. 14 called Pop Rocks. It is basically an evening of musical theater and all of the music that’s being sung is sort of an evolution of the idea of rock musicals. Starting from early musicals like the 60’s and 70’s and all the way to modern.”

Las Positas had fun and entertaining plays all throughout the year of 2018 all because of the students’ and faculty hard work and effort to make their program succeed each year. With musical theater not being offered for a while at the LPC theater department, Lish is excited to announce that their curriculum is back and updated for next semester.

Their upcoming play, “The Drowsy Chaperone” is the Spring’s semester’s main showcase and the theater department has already started working hard on bringing this musical comedy to life. Production meetings with design team and staff have already commenced and the cast of the musical is already set. When students come back from winter break, rehearsals should start and lines should be memorized.

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