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By Julia Coty


Zainab Dogar, ASLPC Vice President

What is your major?

I am majoring In health administration and political science. I know I want to be involved in the health field and make healthcare more accessible for poverished areas and the legalities behind it, so that’s why I’m majoring in political science as well.

Do you have any hobbies or activities you love to do?

I spend almost all my time here in the student govt. but I love to paint, read and listen to music. I always have music no matter what I’m doing. I play the ukulele and got involved with Tati, the president.

What are some of your favorite artists?

I love The Neighborhood and Anderson PAC, Drake. Hip hop and surf rock.

When did you start LPC and student government?

I started LPC spring 2016 after I moved from Chicago. I became involved with student government right off the bat

What is your position in ASLP and how long have you been active?

I am the vp and have been vp for the past year cause everyone has a one year term.

What’s your favorite thing about LPC and the people you work with?

When I joined the student government this became my family and it became an active role for me to make sure students needs were met. Everyone is family and all of us are working hard to make sure that we’re representing students and student concerns. They’ve been here for me through my highs and lows.





What’re your feelings about the walkout happening?

I’m excited because it’s a symbol of solidarity for the students. I’m excited cause I’m actually able to do something cause it’s been so frustrating and now we can make a peaceful statement.


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