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Julia Coty


Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Fremont and moved to Manteca, then Pleasanton for six years and then we bought a house in Dublin.

Q: When did you start LPC and what’s your major?

A: I am a double major, philosophy and sociology major. I started LPC the fall of 2016.

Q: What is your position with ASLPC?

A: I am the ICC chair, the Inter-Club Council chair. I collaborate with all the clubs on campus and I coordinate with them and I make sure they are following procedures, helping them achieve their club’s success.

Q: How did you get interested with being ICC Representative?

A: There actually was somebody that stepped down mid semester and they needed someone to fill their shoes and I was new to student government so as the position opened up, I snatched it right away. I was in charge of Club Day and our past Club Days have been amazing with incredible diversity of students showing up, so I was really proud of that.

Q: Do you have any hobbies or sports you enjoy?

A: I’m taking a swimming class here and I have really weak joints so swimming is a great way for me to exercise. I am definitely going to do that beyond my class here at Las Positas and whatever college I end up going to.

Q: What do you want students to strive for?

A: I want them to be motivated and encouraged to join their local government or their local communities. In such a  globalized world, it is diminishing what local power we have but that only diminishes when students don’t participate. Because it gives you the habit of being involved and caring when in the world it’s easy to turn everyone off and just go to social media and technology. Don’t turn the world off, there’s genocides happening right now, Darfur for example, there’s just so many social movements, so many horrible things happening out there where you can improve the world instead of locking yourself in a room and scrolling through Instagram. Be motivated and empowered to make social change.

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