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By Julia Coty


Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Chico, but I moved up to Livermore last year. Livermore is an improvement from Chico but also not ideal.

Q: What’s your major?

A: My major so far is psychology, I like psychology in the sense that I think it’s really interesting but there’s not a lot of careers in psychology and fields of work that I really want to do.

Q: When did you start LPC and student government?

A: I started in fall or spring of 2017. I joined student government as a senator the first semester I got here, mostly because I had just moved here and didn’t know anyone and joining clubs and stuff like that, to get  involved on campus, is how you meet other.

Q: What do you do as Student Trustee?

A: I used to be a senator, which is just your basic position, but then I ran for the elected position of Student Trustee. So I sit on the Chabot-Las Positas Board of Trustees as a voice for students, representing students. There’s a representative from Chabot and Las Positas, so we don’t get a vote for anything but a lot of the times when there is something controversial like the sanctuary campus, they bounce ideas back to us and see what we think of stuff like that. It’s really fun and cool.

Q: Do you have any hobbies or sports you’re interested in?

A: Yeah, I am a dancer. I work in this apprentice role at this dance studio in Pleasanton. I learn all the dance stuff. It’s more to bounce ideas back and forth, and I help out around the studio like cleaning. I am also a photographer, and I love music, I’m just not musically inclined.

Q: What kind of dance do you like?

A: I like jazz a lot. Yeah, I mean I did pole fitness for a while which was cool. They have this studio in Pleasanton called Twirly Girls. It’s super fun.

Q: What are your plans after leaving Las Positas?

A: I actually just got into San Francisco State, I’m really excited and just have to make sure I get through this semester.

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