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Viruses spread, jumping from person to person, hand to hand, through unwashed surfaces into schools into towns into nations. In a world ravaged by disease, knowing what a virus has done and will do becomes ever-more important. Despite the haste to make predictions, it takes hard work and dedication to unravel the forces that drive viruses through the modern world.

The Lawrence Livermore National Lab’s Science and Engineering Seminar Series presents “COVID-19 Research and Response Activities at LLNL.” The seminar will be hosted by Dr. David Rakestraw, Senior Science Adviser. Rakestraw formerly ran LLNL’s biodefense programs and is coordinating the lab’s COVID-19 technical response. 

The talk will be publicly hosted on Zoom and will discuss past and ongoing research efforts into COVID-19 at the lab.

“We’ve been putting a large amount of focus for the last six years on using the computational resources at LLNL to try to accelerate the timescales for developing a response to an emerging biological threat,” Rakestraw said. “We’ve done that by using our extensive computational capabilities (staff and computer infrastructure) and developing partnerships with universities, drug companies and tech companies. That effort has put us in a position where we have tools now that are applicable to help with the current response.” 

Seminars of LLNL’s series are meant to share a look into applied research to LPC students and staff in the sciences, according to organizers. Anyone interested can sign up and tune in at 6 p.m. on Nov. 9 for an hour of behind the scenes looks at virology in our national lab.

Register for the event online:

Look at the Event on LPC’s website:

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