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The IHeart Music Festival was on Sept. 18 and 19. The fans of many artists from all over the world came together to virtually watch performances by many artists. 

The fans watched the artists perform and commented on what the artists were wearing.

Fans commented on the interesting backgrounds and special effects used by musicians. Musicians Alicia Keys, Coldplay, BTS, Kane Brown, Keith Urban, Migos, Miley Cyrus, Thomas Rhett, and Usher were some of the artists who performed in this virtual festival.

Leilani Manoban, a former student at Las Positas and a fan of Alicia Keys, believes that Keys did give a good performance and really brought in and connected to the audience. 

Manoban said, “ Even though Keys didn’t perform her classic hits but stuck with her newer songs, the performance was still really nice.” Keys truly performed the way she is known for even dancing a little bit by moving her hips a little to the song ‘So Done.’” 

The fantastic light show and the special guest performances made the festival even better. To the interaction of the viewers and musicians.

Manoban liked that fans were shown while some artists were introduced. , Fan faces were also shown at the very end of some musicians’ performances. 

Manoban doesn’t think bringing fans’ faces into the performance is really necessary. Abby Min, a student at UC Davis and a fan of BTS, has a different opinion.

Min explains dancing is a must because dancing is a really big part of KPOP in general. Min says that a BTS performance wouldn’t be complete without dancing because it showcases one of their many talents. 

Min said,  ” I loved how they performed their most recent songs ‘Dynamite’ and a few other songs of theirs (‘Make it Right,’ ‘Spring Day’ and ‘Boy with Luv’), which are perfect for comfort during these hard times. “. 

Min feels like that it was really cool that fans were shown for some artists. . Min said,t “It showed the real people who like that artist’s music plus it gave a nice opportunity for the artists to see more of their fans and for fans to show their support.” 

As for having a fan’s faces shown when artists performed. Min feels like it’s a bit weird, but it did work out OK. Min believes performances should focus on the artist. When they are not focused on artists, she said it was a little distracting. 

Bailey Moon is a student at Las Positas and a fan of Coldplay. Since it is the 10th anniversary of the IHeart music festival, she believed they went all out on the performances. 

The festival did have great lineups of various artists from the last decade. However, there were not a full audience (of real) people.  

As for Moon’s favorite artist Coldplay. Moon said she enjoyed their music. Moon wishes she could’ve seen them in a concert, pre-COVID-19. Comparing Coldplay to other artists who performed, Moon said, “They performed socially distances and with instruments, but not all out like BTS or some of the other performances!”

Moon describes  Coldplay is a relatively chill, just a singing group. She thinks they did well by performing their hit song “Viva la Vida.” because a lot of their other popular songs have more of a lower beat.

Coldplay has a few new songs that are possible dancing songs: “Hymn for the Weekend” or “Adventure of a Lifetime.” Moon believes it would be a nice twist to see them dancing instead of seeing them just normally sing and play their instruments. Because Moon really only knows their older songs,  she said she didn’t really connect with that part of the performance. 

Moon especially likes  “The Scientist,”, “A Sky Full of Stars” and “Hymn for the Weekend.” Coldplay has been creating prominent music throughout the last decade, so Moon was happy that they played an older song, along with some new stuff.

Moon was shocked that fans were shown for some artists. Moon thinks that it was interesting, cool for the fans, but really does not know if that it was a good or bad idea. 

Moon said,  “I think it’s cheesy and corny. Maybe lowkey creepy? I don’t know, you do you, though.” 

As for me, the writer of this article without music honestly I would probably be in a low point of life. Music is my passion!

With music, there is a place for everybody. From creators releasing what they want to say to the world, music is a place where many people go to listen for comfort, showing our love for the musicians’ works. 

Whether it’s music you listen to, cry to, or to make a moment more enjoyable, music is international. 

There is music for every language out there. I believe that music is a really therapeutic outlet for many, especially for many students from colleges like  Las Positas, during these hard times!

Michelle Pacheco is a staff writer of The Express. Follow her @Miseon7Michelle .

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