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“Chess is my everything. I’m so grateful for playing chess. My father taught me how to play chess for the first time when I was just a kid. When I went to high school, it became a routine. I started going to chess club and learned more about the game. I’m happy playing chess. I like to play every day, solve puzzles and teach children about the game. It’s not just my hobby, it’s my work and life.

When I think about me, it’s all about chess. I won so many tournaments, including the national championship in Mongolia. I was then given the chance to go abroad to compete internationally. I continued to enter many international competitions in 12 different countries. The biggest tournament I had won is a chess tournament in the Czech Republic. It was a team tournament where it’s not much of an individual effort, but you had to play with your teammates from your own country. We were four girls under the age of 16. After 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, we won the tournament. My country was proud of us. We were given a certification, along with a sponsorship from some other companies to continue competing.

I came to Las Positas three years ago, and study business now. It was always kind of my dream. I always wanted to come to the United States to get a degree, get better opportunities, do some good deeds, and to Learn English.

It’s all about my country. Not just about my name. I am playing for my country, shouting at people, ‘Hey guys, I’m from Mongolia.’”

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