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Jason Leskiw
Managing editor

Room 2420 hosted over 50 students and a guest lecturer this past week, and a few business professionals for an educational segment hosted by the Las Positas College Business Club. The lecture was an hour and 15 minutes long, and business students were offered extra credit for attending.

The presentation, called “Vibe,” contained segments that outlined certain business principles that some LPC students may use in their careers.

The speaker, Jody Bagno, is a consultant at JAZZ Business Consulting, a company in the Bay Area. A graduate from Chico State University, she spoke of several things, but outlined simple concepts such as teamwork.

“Chemistry will take down solid companies,” Bagno said.

Bagno lectured about mission, action and empowerment. She told stories from her life in business and interjected some notable information.

“Twenty-five percent of my friend’s employees had a PhD,” Bagno said. “The culture of the business was ‘motivated.’ Culture eats everything else for lunch.”

Using historical examples, Bagno discussed thought processes.

“Dr. King spoke in pictures. People don’t think in text, they think in pictures. You have to have a compelling vision that excites people,” Bagno said.

She also used a clip from the movie “The Blind Side” as a metaphor for helping other members of an organization.

“It’s a great clip to point out how being highly directive can help within a company. You got to learn how to help your players,” Bagno said. “You need skills right now to connect with people. It’s important to learn to make a personality model.”

It was the last event hosted by the Business Club of the semester.

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