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On the morning of Nov. 15, 2023, the Livermore Police Department was called to investigate a scene on Las Positas College’s campus. Following the investigation, the Alameda County Coroner’s Bureau has begun a death investigation.

At 4 p.m., Dyrell Foster, President of Las Positas College, released a statement to announce the news to the LPC community.

“I recognize that this news may be alarming and cause a sense of concern,” Foster said.

There was no danger on campus at the time of the incident. “It’s important to emphasize that there was no reported threat to the campus and all classes and activities are continuing as scheduled,” Foster said.

Las Positas College has made it clear that they want to support students struggling with mental health during this time. 

“To support members of our community who are affected, we have extensive mental health services available,” Foster said.

Back in Nov. 2020, LPC dealt with a similar situation where an unidentified body was found on campus. Similar actions were taken in this isolated event and this one. “The Alameda County Coroner’s Bureau is now leading the investigation. The Livermore Police Department has not released details on the case, citing privacy concerns of the victim’s family.”

Currently, no information has been publicized however, Foster said, “More details will be provided as they become publicly available.”

Livermore PD were contacted for a comment but all inquiries were forwarded to LPC. LPC continues to refer to their previous statement on Nov. 15. On Nov. 20, Foster released a statement to give condolences to the family and to express that the family would like privacy. To report any updates on this incident, please contact the Express at

This article was updated on Nov. 17 to include information regarding inquiries with Livermore PD and information from LPC. Additional updates were made on Nov. 20 to include privacy for the family.

Brighton Matus is the Editor in Chief at the Express. To see more of his content, follow him @bymatus47 on X, formally Twitter. 

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