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“Coming 2 America” is a sequel to the 1988 film “Coming to America.” The sequel features some members of the original cast along with new actors. The star comedian is  Eddie Murphy who plays Akeem.

As with most of Eddie Murphy’s movies, it has a lot of funny parts and lines in this movie.  Eddie Murphy always plays the funniest parts in his movies.  He was the donkey in Sherk movies but he was better in the coming 2 American movies.  Akeem’s Father, King Jaffee Joffer, is played by James Earl Jones in both the first and second movies. King Joffer is King of Zamunda, a fictional country in Africa.   

Unfortunately, King Joffer dies in the middle of the second movie. Queen Lisa, played by Shari Headley, has three daughters with Prince Akeem, who becomes the king after his father’s death. This was a conversation with King Joffer, Akeem and Akeem’s aid, Seemi about Akeem having a son. James Earl Jones Character has this to say: “You must hear my words before I am gone, my son. Now, you will be king, but the throne must pass to a male heir. Akeem, it appears you have a son. He must be found.”

“According to Diana Navarro Kleinschmidt from our library watched this movie and she said it was very Nostalgic.” Dianna watched this movie when it first came out . My aunt Debi has also watched this movie and she loves it two. She states that the movie was funny though out of this movie. 

One of my favorite actresses, Leslie Jones, plays the role of Mary Junson, who is Lavell’s mother. Lavell is the son of Akeem and Mary, who met thirty years ago in the first movie. 

Trevor Noah from “The Daily Show” is in the movie as well. Noah’s character is Totatsi Bibinyana, a Zamunda News Network anchor. Noah made this movie funny, playing off other members of the talented cast. “Coming 2 American” even features a flashback from the first movie when Akeem was in New York City. 

The plot of “Coming to America 2” centers around the dying king having to name a male successor. King Joffer knows that his son Akeem had a son in New York. Akeem went with Semi to Queens after his father had passed away to find his son. When they first find him he is giving away free tickets to a professional basketball game. 

His son, Lavelle Junson, was born out of wedlock when Prince Akeem first went to New York and had sex with a woman Named Mary played by Jones before he met his future wife, Lisa and  Prince Joffer and his wife only had daughters. 

In one part of the movie, Junson was at a job interview with a business, and the person conducting the interview was questioning him about his dad, but he never knew his dad so it was not a question he could answer. 

Later in the movie, Junson found out that he had a father from a country in Africa who was the prince and that Akeem would be the king. Semi and Akeem went to Queens, New York to find his son from the affair with Leslie Jones, Mary Junson The mother of Lavelle Junson was shocked that Akeem was back in Queens again. When Akeem reintroduced himself to Mary again their conversation was weird. Here is what they had to say in the movie: Jones had this to say He’s supposed to be the King of Wakanda! And Then Akeeem had this to say about what Jones had said. Wakanda is a fictional place. Finally, Jones had this to say after Murphy talked she said Under her breath, not to everybody.

Junson, Lavelle, Akeem and Lavell’s uncle Reem Junson went to Zamunda to live in the castle with King Akeem. The Johnson family is an interesting family from Queens. They were shocked when Akeem and Semmi were in Queens after 30 years of not paying child support. They didn’t know that he was a prince. 

There were funny moments in this movie such as when Leslie Jones first met the queen Lisa Akeem’s wife and the family. Lisa was Shocked and questioned Akeem about him having a son out of wedlock. Leslie Jones’s reaction to this was priceless because she knew it was before Akeem had met Queen Lisa. One of Leslie Jones’ lines she says is “Uppity Bitch says what.” 

There were some challenges that Lavell had to do in order to be an heir to the throne. Lavelle one, he had to cut the hair of a lion mane to show his courage. He also had to learn about family history. There was a weird part in the movie when they performed a circumcision of Lavell’s penis. In part of Africa if you are royal they perform circumcision of the Penis. 

Lavelle was played by Jermaine Fowler. He was very funny. He was a great actor in this movie because of how his attention to details of his character acts and the way he is with his family. Fowler was a great addition to the movie because of his interaction with his sisters in the movie. 

In one scene, Lavelle overheard a conversation that his father was having with General Izzi, played by Wesley Snipes, at a party when he became the Prince of Zamunda. Lavelle thinks that Akeem is just exploiting him. Lavelle then leaves to go back to New York City with his mother and uncle. Also, Mirembe runs away to Queens with Lavelle to try and get married. 

Lisa and Mary become friends at the party where General Izzi is at the party. Lisa and Mary were having a great time at the party. Lisa is mad at Akeem because her friend Mary is back in the States and because of this overheard conversation at the party. Lisa locks Akeem out of the bedroom, and then Akeem talks to his father-in-law about what is going on. 

After talking to his father in law Akeem then flies back to New York to bring back his son to Zamunda. When Akeem was in Queens, he learned that his son was getting married to Mirembe. This reminds him of his own life story, so he gives them his blessing and releases Lavelle from his marriage to Bopoto, General Izzi’s Daughter. 

His daughters are a strong part of this movie because they train with their father on the castle ground. They are training to fight Grenal Izzi when there was going to be an invasion. In the meantime, Semmi and the princesses fight off and subdue General Izzi, forcing him to try a more diplomatic approach.  

When Akeem returns to Zamunda, he changes the rule of royal succession laws by allowing his daughter Meeka to be the King of Zamunda when her father dies. By doing this. his son will become ambassador to the Zamunda and the United States of America. The movie finished with the wedding of Lavelle and Mirembe, the royal hairdresser, getting married.

Brandon Byrne is the social media editor for The Express. Follow him @brandonbyrne18.

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