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On Oct. 24, 2020, the Billboard Music Awards were shown on NBC. Hosted by Kelly Clarkson this year, Billboard is one of the biggest music award shows.  

Top musicians from all over the world come together every year to celebrate their accomplishments. Every musician knows about the Billboard Music Awards. 

This year the Billboard Music Awards were moved to a later date than usual because of COVID-19. Many musicians who were on the Billboard charts were either at the award ceremony or there virtually. 

There were performances by Sia, BTS, Alica Keys, Brandi, Vogue, Doja Cat, Kelly Clarksn, Pentatonixs, Post Malone, Garth Brooks, John Legend, Bad Bunny and Demi Lovato.  Post Malone won categories Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Billboard 200 artist, Top Hot 100 artist, Top Streaming Songs Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Rap Male Artist, Top Rap Tour, and Top Rap Album.

Luc Sung, a computer engineer, is a fan of Post Malone because his music is really catchy. He dressed like him for last Halloween as a joke, and all his friends loved it. 

Sung also loves how chill and easy-going Malone is. Sung believes Malone is really unique compared to other musicians like him when it comes to his music and really loves his house. 

Sung said that Malone performed the songs “Circles” and “Tommy Lee” at a secret location with Tyla Yaweh and that the performance included fireworks.

Sung feels that all the Nominations Malone won were well deserved. Sung said, “ All my friends in Korea even know who Post Malone is, which just shows how popular he is.”

Sung said Malone’s performance felt like you were watching a movie. He felt the overall presence Malone at the Billboard Music Awards was portrayed to showcase Malone with all the awards he brought home. 

Sung felt that Malone was one of the best performances of the night. 

Ragini Im is a fan of BTS and a student at UC Irvine who is a former DVC student. She likes BTS because “they have inspired me to reach new limits and push myself, but also taught me to love myself for who I am.” 

BTS was at the Billboard Music Award show because they were performing “Dynamite.” They won the “Top Social Artist” award for the fourth year in a row. They were also nominated for Top Duo/group. I’m was thrilled about the nomination because she truly loves the group.

Im believes BTS always performs amazingly. She said, “BTS is so hard-working and immensely accurate with their choreography. In addition, their music is well-produced, that it always motivates people.” 

Their performance with their first all English song “Dynamite“ in a language that is their second language shows their determination, according to Im. “Dynamite“ was their first number-one song on the Top 100 chart. 

Im said that the presence of BTS on the show made her happy. I’m said, “I felt so proud watching them grow so much over the last few years.”

Makayla Hirai, a student at Las Positas, also enjoyed the show. Hirai is a fan of Billie Eilish because of her unique voice. 

In addition, she loves Eilish’s character that makes her stand out from the crowd, including Billie Eilish’s style from the clothes, hair, and nails she rocks. 

Hirai loves how even though Eilish is so young that she is outspoken about the real world. Hirai says “On issues of how people judge people on their appearances, how it is important to vote, how important it is to wear masks, how important it is to wash your hands, how she is against bullying and her views on syndromes.”

Eilish was at the Billboard Music Awards to receive the Top New Artist award. In addition, she won the Top Female Award and Top Billboard 200 album.  

Hirai believes Ellish deserved the awards but believes she deserved more. Eilish did not perform at The Billboard Music Awards. 

It may feel like music is not as important today due to COVID-19, but events like the Billboard Music Awards are still happening. Just with a little twist!

Music shows remain important during the pandemic because music brings people comfort from all different walks of life, including students at Las Positas.

Michelle Pacheco is a staff writer of The Express. Follow her @Miseon7Michelle .

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