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By Christina Vargas


Littering, graffiti and crime have been the new norm in the Livermore Arroyo Trail. Occupied with homelessness and an increase of pollution in the stream, remains a growing concern. Las Positas Art and Design Club teamed up with the Livermore Beautification Committee to combat graffiti.

“The main mission of this project is to take back the trail and prevent people from dumping their trash and vandalizing it. This project has brought together people of all ages” said President of the of the Arts and Design Club, Emilie Johal.

A wildlife mural designed by the Art and Design Club has replaced the grungy graffiti. The first phase started in fall 2017 and has been completed. The second phase of the mural is underway and much bigger than the first.

While advocating the importance of youth education, the wildlife mural exhibits Livermore’s native plants to the area. The mural serves a purpose to the local schools, educating the youth about their surrounding environments.

The second design will be presented to the Beautification Committee on April 4, 2018. Upon the approval of the committee, the club will move forward to the application process.

With the second phase  being such a large canvas, the community will be invited to participate in  communal painting days. Recruitment for the painting of the mural is still be determined, and will be announced in the near future.

“This is the most rewarding and impactful project that the Art and Design Club has participated in”, says Johal, “it has been the creation of a wildlife mural on the Livermore Arroyo Trail. I believe in the importance to address the current issues involving the graffiti and crime occurring on the Livermore Arroyo Trail and how to find solutions to improve its’ current condition.”

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