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Martin Gallegos, Sports Editor

There was no parade down Market Street in San Francisco. No images of Colin Kaepernick hoisting the Lombardi trophy. The 49ers lost the Super Bowl.

Even though the 49ers were favored by four points, the Super Bowl showed us that a game is never decided until the two teams battle it out on the field.

The 49ers got down big. It was as bad as 28-6 at one point in the third quarter. After a bizarre 30-minute power outage inside the stadium, the lights turned on and so did the 49ers.

They made a furious comeback to get within five points and were four yards away from scoring a touchdown to take the lead, but that was as close as they would get. They fell to the Baltimore Ravens 34-31.

Many 49er fans on campus gathered at their various Super Bowl parties with the anticipation of witnessing their team bring home their sixth world championship. What they got instead was a broken heart.

“I’m still devastated,” LPC student James Hall said. “I really didn’t want to come to class today (Monday) but I have to.”

There were many questionable decisions made by the referees during the game. One that has sports media outlets debating is whether or not 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree was held enough to warrant a penalty on their final offensive play.

If there had been a holding penalty called on the play, the 49ers would have been in a great position to take the lead.  They would have received four more opportunities to score.  The referees ended up not calling a holding penalty, and just like that, the 49ers’ fate was decided.

LPC student and 49er fan Enrique Guzman feels like the referees are the reason the 49ers did not win the game.

“We got robbed by the refs,” Guzman said. “I don’t care what anybody says, Crabtree was held on that last play.”

That controversial play will be haunting 49er fans for a long time. There is no point in complaining about the call anymore. The game is over.

If there is one positive that 49er fans can take from all of this, it is the fact that they made it to the NFC Championship game last season and to the Super Bowl this season. If that pattern continues, they are on pace to win it all next year.

“It’s all baby steps,” LPC student Michael Sanchez said. “The way the team is built, there’s a really good chance we can win it all next season. I’m still faithful.”

San Francisco may not be home to the champions of football. They are, however, home to the champions of baseball. The team across the bay from them is also coming off a great season. So if you are a 49er fan and you find yourself feeling down, remember, Spring Training begins in one week. Whether you are a fan of the A’s or the Giants, both Bay Area baseball teams should give you plenty to cheer about.

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