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Joshua Basrai
Special to the Express

The 49ers are the next team in the midst of this Bay Area sports renaissance. Unfortunately, one team’s success proves to taste like sour grapes to those who support the other team across the bay, the Oakland Raiders.

Those who are diehards of either franchise both know there is beef. In 2011, the annual preseason game had to be cancelled because of fans brawling. This was during a preseason game that had no implications, so you can already tell 49er and Raider fans go together just about as well as vodka and milk. You can also infer that most, if not all, Raider fans will be cheering for Ray Lewis and the Ravens instead of their rivals across the Bay.

Some Raider fans at LPC doubt the integrity of some of these so-called “die-hard” 49er fans.

“I feel okay with the 49ers making the Super Bowl, that’s fine,” LPC student Altamash Markar said. “I just don’t understand where these Niner fans came out of. And where were they two years ago? Last time I checked, red is a very visible color.”

Logical explanation says Raider fans should support the 49ers because they are representing the Bay Area on a multinational stage. The problem is that if you’re a true fan of either franchise, you know how hard it is to support theotherteam.

Before two years ago, Bay Area football was irrelevant.  The Raiders are still in that same boat, but the 49ers are now the best team in the NFC.

“Good for them (49ers). But personally I’m not rooting for them to win, that’s for sure,” LPC student Daniel Ngo said.

Not all Raiders fans are hoping the 49ers get slaughtered.  Kelvin Martinez, a self-proclaimed “die-hard” Raider fan, hates the Niners but is a fan of their quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“I want to see Kaepernick get a ring.  He’s a beast,” Martinez said.  “I have to admit I think the 49ers are too good for the Ravens.”

The Warriors have had their best start since the 1991-92 season, the Giants and A’s have made Bay Area baseball relevant again, and the 49ers have Jim Harbaugh. Even the Sharks have started off to a 6-0 start. The Raiders? The doormat of the NFL.

One thing is for certain, however. Raider fans are among the most passionate in the NFL.  You will never catch a member of the silver and black amongst a pool of red and gold.

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