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Ashley Freitas
Staff Writer

Sports and arts collide as the Las Positas College gymnasium will soon have a bit of color.

LPC will be adding to its collection of artwork. This includes the NIKE committee statue, which is planned to be installed around summer time. A mural, along with panels of artwork, will be going up in the 2500 building, the Psychical Education Complex.

Las Positas College’s website has information about the project “The Essence of Athletic Movement,” named for its theme.

The website states that “We do not want art that shows the typical sports icons; rather, we want the work to capture the essence of athletic movement in a provocative, abstract, and thought-provoking manner.”

The artwork will be images translated into vinyl artwork and placed around the building.
There will be three places that artwork will be going up: The mural will be on the wall of the stair landing that is next to the elevator, a two-panel set will be near the locker rooms and a three-panel set will be on the opposite wall.

The NIKE art committee on campus, which includes Inter-Club Council Chair for Las Positas College Paulina Reynoso, has already chosen the mural.

“The colors were all complementary to each other, the lights brought out the darkness the darkness brought out the lights. It was beautiful,” Reynoso said.

Dates for the mural art installations are still yet to be determined but can be expected after the statue installation.

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