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Charlie Anne Urcia
Staff Writer

Defining what is good and bad art may be relative, but choosing what installation deserves to be displayed in campus can be democratic.

Take the chance to choose what art will grace LPC’s grounds. Then, share your two cents on the sculptures in the Express’s website. Or share then vote.

The LPC Express is conducting a survey about campus art on its website ( Questions include:

1) Would you want any of the three statues by Fletcher Benton in your personal possession?

2) What kind of art would you want installed on campus?

3) How much are you willing to spend on art?

Visit the campus webpage and fill out the Nike Committee’s survey to place your vote. The photos in the article above show the choices for an art installation.

Just click on “Art on Campus” link under the “News and Events” section. Still lost? Here’s the survey’s web address:


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