On Campus — 18 May 2018

Election results provided by Las Positas student government.


Turner Zischka                                                158

Yesenia Medina                                              208

Lylah Schmedel                                           548



Vice President

Treasure Domingo                                           209

Maritza Ventura                                              196

Hariel Colcol                                                 484



Director of Legislation

Luis Sanchez                                                  288

Nathan Fish                                                   583


Director of Events

Kirstie Burgess                                           804



Director of Communication

Caitlin Yee                                                       324

Alejandro Buenrostro                                537


ICC Chair

Angela Vasquez                                          829


CLPCCD Student Trustee

Garrett Culbertson                                     364

Nicholas Sloan                                                297

Kelsey Marie Bentley                                      195

Compiled by Julia Coty




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