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Sanctuary for LPC students taken seriously

Elizabeth Joy @ELIZABE53603091 A silent protest spoke loudly, and perhaps it spoke even louder than words. This past week at LPC as BSU Club students gathered to support the Sanctuary Resolution. Held both Monday and Tuesday, [...]

Speech team puts on their best show

Rachel Hanna @RACHELCH97 On Fri, Dec. 1 in the Las Positas Mertes Center for the Arts, the LPC Forensics Team presented stories and monologues. The room shared laughter and some shocking moments as the students delivered [...]

New transportation fee in effect fall 2018

Tim Guan @TIM_GUAN30 In a student senate led referendum for the approval and implementation of a transportation fee for next fall semester 2018, the “Student Mobility Initiative(SMI),” has passed in a unanimous vote of 293 for [...]

Lady Hawks leader Paul Sapsford named Coach of the Year

Justine Chavez @JUSTINECHAVEZ01 “Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.” LPC’s Women’s Soccer coach Paul Sapsford embodies everything a true [...]

Vikings enter Hawks domain, steal playoffs

Devi Dixit There was a chill in the air as the Hawks faced the West Valley Vikings in game two of the playoffs. Spirits were high on both teams as they were competing to stay alive [...]

Honor Our Veterans: Olinser Perez

Julia Coty @JULIACOTY Heroes Around Us Name- Olinser Perez Branch- U.S Marines Hometown-San Leandro, California Years served- 2003-2014 Major- Engineer Technology 20 miles northeast of Baghdad, the closest town being Karma near Al-Anbar Province, platoon sergeant [...]

Hillbilly heist ‘Logan Lucky’ unimpressive

Hunter Melone @Hunter_Melone Despite having strong performances and a unique sense of tone, “Logan Lucky” fails at being memorable due to its weak plot and forgettable characters. Famous for directing “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Ocean’s [...]

1030’s Chicago comes to Las Positas this October

Alexandra Lontoc @Alexxllontoc Imagine inventing a breakthrough in technology, only to hide it from the public and avoid risking your life. Starting Friday, Oct. 20 through Sunday, Oct. 29, theater arts students will be performing the [...]

Hawks soccer starts off strong

Justine Chavez @justinechavez01 The 2017-2018 soccer season fans have been anticipating is finally upon us. With the Las Positas women’s team just returning from their tournament in Hawaii and making history for LPC women’s soccer and [...]

Four time super bowl champion visits Las Positas

By Carleen Surrena @SURRENA_C The first thing the four time Super Bowl Champion Keena Turner did when he started speaking was to have everyone stand up in the room. He wanted to make sure everyone had [...]