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Jen Burnett


Las Positas College is offering a variety of workshops s to help students succeed during their college years.

Often time’s students are left with unanswered questions and the lack of knowledge needed to make decisions in college. With The Smart Shop Series of workshops offered at LPC, students will have the opportunity to get guidance in areas they lack an understanding in and improve skills in the areas of academic, career and transfer.

Whether you are brushing up your skills or need additional direction, academic classes such as writing, resume creation, punctuation, thesis statement and summarization are available through the series, to name a few.

Planning your future after Junior College can also be intimidating if you are unsure of how to apply for a UC or CSU. The transfer workshops available will provide opportunities to gain information on the transfer process and help students with important information on how, when and where to apply.

Career courses with an emphasis in navigating and selecting a major as well as life skills in organization and stress management are also available.

The Smart Shop Series are led by faculty members from LPC and are held monthly. For a full list of classes, please visit

Students can sign up for classes online, or in person at the transfer center.

Due to the high demand of some classes, it is recommended that students RSVP for classes in advance.

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