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William Tanner
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Shots were fired by the Las Positas wom- en’s soccer team, and the Lady Hawks are finding their mark.

After a lackluster start to their preseason, the team has found their stride and is striking the ball with confidence at the perfect time. Starting Friday, Sept. 20, they start their regular season run.

The first game of the season is a big one, and facing off against Chabot, the Lady Hawks are up to the challenge.

“Last year we didn’t have a good experience in the first game because we lost two-to-one,” Sissi Do Amor, head coach said. “I think today in practice we’re much better.”

The backline has been working hard in their practices to keep themselves ready for the conference play.

They’re still missing some pieces, but everything is falling into place.

“We’re trying to start on a good note,” said Sissi. “We need to go there on Friday and work well together to play a good game. Chabot is a tough opponent, and no matter what they’re our rivals.”

Playing well starts up front. Strikers Melissa Aboud and Krystle Byrne have been on a tear. Together they are responsible for 12 of the 13 goals scored by the Lady Hawks this year.

Byrne’s philosophy on scoring has led to her success.

“My goal is to score a goal every game,” Byrne said. “If I see a good shot, of course I’m going to take it.”

Facing off against Chabot, the team is look- ing to strike back for the loss they suffered last season.

Reminiscing on that event, Byrne’s eyes lit up. A redshirt at the time, Byrne was shocked when the team came back and reported their loss.

“When I heard,” Byrne recalled, “I was like ‘What? You guys lost?’”

With the defenders doing good in practice, the team is poised to continue their young winning streak.With players coming back from injuries, the team is ready to get to Chabot and tear it up.

“That’s a team we have to beat,” said Byrne. “They’re alright, but we can beat them.”

If the Lady Hawks can continue from their last two starts, they should put them- selves into a good position early.

The Coast Conference North is a tough division. Facing many tough opponents, the team marches into enemy territory often, choosing not to play home games.

It’ll be a tough journey ahead, but Sissi has faith in her team.

“We’re looking forward to playing Chabot,” Sissi said.

“We’re pleased the way the team is responding.”

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