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Coming off a heartbreaking 2022-2023 season, the Las Positas Women’s basketball finished the season with a record of 3-24. This year, they are striving to achieve lofty goals. On paper LPC women’s basketball can be easily dismissed or overlooked. The numbers alone don’t even begin to tell the full story. 


Coach Caleb Theodore is in his second year as head coach of the Women’s basketball team and remains positive on the team’s future. Theodore joined LPC in 2022 to revitalize the Women’s basketball program, which had not played a full season since 2018. Plagued by injury and Covid-related illness, the team last season was forced to forfeit several games. The biggest challenge was building a team to play 27 games, and growing the bench from six to sixteen players. 


That’s not to say last season certainly wasn’t without its share of accomplishments. Freshman Monique Cavness led the state in rebounds averaging 16.8 per game. Cavness also earned a 2023 WBCA Two-Year College Coaches’ All-America honorable mention, one of the highest awards a student athlete can receive.  This is a first in the history of the women’s basketball program at Las Positas. 


“[The recognition is] a huge testament to her work ethic and who she is and what she has done for the program,” said Theodore.


Aside from leading the league in rebounds, Cavness averaged 38 minutes a game. She also put up an average of 14 points per game with a season high of 321 points.


Another in the list of accomplishments is the first one and done in the program. A rule which requires a player to have at least one year of college basketball experience before moving on to professional play.


This is another first time in program history. This honor went to Ranaye Manu, who signed with Lincoln University in Oakland. 


Las Positas bolsters its roster with 10 incoming freshmen this season including Kyshanti King from East Union High School in Manteca. In her senior year the East Union team finished 22 – 4 and won their league.


“Kyshanti has made an impact right away,” said Theodore. 


A pair of teammates from Patterson High School, Ranya Manu and Joyce Mulumba also joined the team. They went 20-8  in their senior year and finished the season second overall. 

A few more players joining the team include Brianna Parker from Manteca High School, Sophie Fletcher from Mountain House and Sydney Brekenridge. Another returner from last season is Mi’Ari Garnett. Garnett averaged 34 minutes a game last season with 7 points per game with a season total of 183 points. Both Cavness and Garnett are expected to lead the team this year both on and off the court acting as mentors to the new players.


Keirstan Constantino is a new face to the program as a sophomore transfer. Costantino comes from a winning program at Lathrop High School under coach Dwayne Davis, before playing for Wenatchee College in Washington State. Constantino is expected to bring experience to the lineup. 


Coach Theodore has set lofty goals for this season with a target of winning 21 games this season. Historically, the LPC women’s basketball team has never won more than 20 games in a season. A high water mark set by coach Toni West in the 2006 – 2007 season. The team also hopes to win seven conference games as well as secure a first round play-off berth and a first round play-off win. 


With a goal clearly set the program seeks to boost its athletes on and off the court. 


“All we’re trying to do here is change the perspectives of what people think when they think of women’s basketball at Las Positas,” said Theodore. 


Women’s basketball begins play with a scrimmage at Lincoln University Oct. 20.

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