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By Jennifer Snook @SIRJID

Unsurprisingly, transgender rights are a major factor in my decision of who to vote for.

Unfortunately, neither candidate has made their position very clear on that issue.

Trump flip-flopped when North Carolina’s HB2 was passed, and, despite her support of LGBT issues, Clinton has never expressly supported transgender people.

Of course, I can assume that Clinton will be better, given Trump’s recent promises to repeal LGBT protections. But even without my significant bias on this issue, my decision would be obvious.

If I were a straight, cissexual white man, I still couldn’t vote for Trump.

I’m not going to get into policy here. That’s not what this is about. This is about being a decent human being. Trump is not one.

His campaign has been a series of comments that ostracize, demonize, or just plain insult one group of people after another

He has claimed that illegal immigrants are criminals and rapists.

He has belittled John McCain’s military service because McCain was a POW.

He has called for a blanket ban on Muslim immigration, seeming to equate Islam with terrorism.

And, of course, he has repeatedly made dehumanizing comments toward women.

Trump seems to be on a mission to insult as many groups of people as possible, and, yet, he still has more than 40 percent of the popular vote.

Who could possibly be supporting him?

Despite everything he’s said, there are members of minority groups who support him. It’s their prerogative to decide what’s offensive to them.

But it’s not just them who are on the line.

All of Trump’s supporters are either purposely ignoring his position on other groups of people, or are actively supporting him.

Trump is not just alienating one group of people. If, for example, his worst comments were those against Muslims, others could point to his Muslim supporters as evidence that his ideas weren’t too bad.

But with a minority of black, Muslim, Hispanic, and women voters supporting him, every Trump voter must justify again and again.

Trump’s policies won’t affect anyone in a vacuum. If it feels like you’re making things worse for someone else, then you probably are.

Consider everyone before voting this Tuesday, because everyone’s future is at stake.

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