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Justine Chavez


Jake Foscalina leads the team with 22 points. He has ten goals and two assists and in those two games, both were won by Las Positas. He has emerged as the Hawks’ best player, the anchor to their offense – and he’s done it all with a torn quadricep muscle. Foscalina stated that, “it was and is still partially torn, so every day is a challenge. It’s never fun having to sit out and watch, but my team is doing so well and I love watching them excel. But being able to get back out there and play always feels amazing.” Since the age of four, soccer has been a passion of Foscalina’s. He’s played on numerous teams growing up including club for Livermore Fusion, Mustang Soccer and he also played one year at Cal State East Bay. During the season, he trains for the games by constantly trying to improve his endurance. In between practices, he does light runs and lifts weights in the gym. With Foscalina continuing to dominate week after week, he has to keep himself mentally and physically prepared. Which for Foscalina, music is his way of doing it. Before each game he makes it a point not to talk to anyone and to block everything else out, and to get his adrenaline going, he warms up to “Last Dollar” by Tim McGraw. “I know, its odd because its country, but that song always gets me pumped,” said Foscalina Men’s soccer coach Andrew Cumbo describe Foscalina as a likable leader with a strong variety of ways he can score goals, making him an excellent player as well. “What I like best about him is he always gives 100 percent. He cares about his teammates and is a fierce competitor,” said Cumbo. Balancing school and sports has always been a struggle of his, which is why he tends to stick to online classes allowing him to spend more time focusing on soccer. Taylor Lobb, a childhood friend of Foscalina and “Express” writer says, “He is just an all around guy. He’s the type of person that always has a smile on his face.

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