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Shelby Escott


On Friday, March 14, out from the swirling stage mist and shining lights, the band Wake the Dead brought their trademark Celtic music to the Las Positas College campus just in time for the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day.

Wake the Dead is a cover band based on the Palo Alto based rock band, Grateful Dead, but with a Celtic twist. Aside from covering Grateful Dead songs,  they also played a variety of other Celtic songs.

Featuring LPC’s very own Performing Arts Coordinator Cindy Browne Rosefield on bass, they put on a benefit concert for the LPC Music and Technical Theater departments.

Browne Rosefield said they were benefitting these departments because there are a lot of things they need that aren’t covered with just the budget they have. The more they grow, the more supplies they need.

“Plus it’s nice to get guest artists to come,” she said.

The Wake the Dead members are accomplished performers of many different Celtic instruments, including the mandolin, Irish pipes, the harp and the fiddle.

The perfect blend of Celtic and classic rock, Wake the Dead added many more members to their fan base that night, as well as raised money for the Music and Tech theater funds.

After each set, they were met with thunderous applause, the loudest of which came from the staff members working that night. Young and old came from all over to see them perform.

But with many of her students in attendance, Browne Rosefield got the loudest round of applause after an exceptional base solo. She went all out for her students.

Music major Alex Belletto said, “I loved it, I think it was the best concert our school’s ever had!”

Not only did the band shine that night, but the technicians in charge of the lightshow going on in the background shined also.

Browne Rosefield explained that stage technician Mike Rinaldi was trying out some new gear for the school’s technical theater, using the Wake the Dead concert as a bit of an experiment. The stage lights and color changing background highlighted the band and captivated the audience.

With both the Music and Technical Theater departments represented, the night ended as a hit.

“We raised over $2000 that went directly back into the music and technical theater departments!  It was a very successful fundraiser,” said Browne Rosefield.

“I can only speak for the music department, the money raised will help purchase music for the performing classes; Jazz bands, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, jazz choirs and Chamber choir.  Every little bit helps,” she said.

But one question remains: will Wake the Dead ever return for another concert?

Browne Rosefield answered this question.

“I think so. We’ll give it a year then come back,” she said.

Whether it is for raising funds for the Music and Technical Theater departments, or just the entertainment of the student body, LPC looks forward to Wake the Dead’s return.

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