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By Christopher Hartwell @SILIENCESEEN

Great artists can come from anywhere, regardless of age or background.

This is no less true here at Las Positas College, where those who are willing to put in the hard work for their talent can freely express their natural genius inside them.

On Wednesday evening, Nov. 29, 2016, art student Virginia George showed off her skillful mastery with photography in a gallery presentation of her work.
Lucciana Caselli, an instructor in the photo department was there. “I’ve seen this project coming along for the last couple of semesters. It’s been a big process for her. It’s an ongoing project.” Caselli said.

The presentation did not disappoint, as there was free food and extremely well formed photographs that caught the attention of so many in attendance for the ceremony.

Jason Sison was particularly intrigued by a shot of grapes that was on display. Sison, a liberal arts major said, “I like a lot of the shots. I like this grape one because … the colors, the grapes pop and stuff. She did a very good job on this whole (gallery show).”

hough this has always been an aspiration for George, she has not had the opportunity to pursue her passion until recently. In fact, George had not started truly chasing her desire to take pictures until around six years ago “I always had an interest, but never had the time. When I got injured and couldn’t work any more, I had time.”

This and more led up to a decision to go back to school. No longer being able to work had some downsides, but her family saw to it that she had the support she needed.

Her daughter helped to get George back to school such that she could finally follow her dreams of training to be a better photographer. George remarked on the irony involved on how her daughter is a teacher and is helping her mother become a student. This doesn’t bother her though, George said, “I really wanted to develop my photographic skills. I could take pictures, but taking pictures is not the same as taking a good photograph.”

Her passion for photography is truly clear in the quality of her pictures she produced for this gallery event. Some of the pictures have some really interesting angles, which George observed were due to her placement when she took the pictures. George stated that “when you want to get a certain shot either have to get on the ground or up on a ladder or on a chair or wherever.” Limiting herself to remaining on flat ground is not a part of her photography. It is remarkable in light of her physical injuries and age that she exerts herself in such a way for her art.

Caselli was just happy to see it all come together and truly enjoyed this event. “It is nice to see it come together and there are so many people here, which is great.”

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