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#1 Pineapple Express (2008)

Stoner Dale Denton was enjoying his life as a process server. He had it all, pretty girlfriend, decent job, and good weed. Dale’s go to weedman, Saul Silver has a new weed strain called Pineapple Express. As Dale smokes a joint of Pineapple Express he witnessed a murder by twisted cop and infamous drug lord of the city.






friday-1995#2 Friday (1995)

Craig gets fired from work, and his dad wants him to get a new job. Instead, he hangs out with his stoner buddy, Smokey. Smokey is facing some big problems, he owes the neighborhood drug supplier $200. They head out to find the money and on their journey they encounter many interesting characters.






up-in-smoker-1978#3 Up in Smoke (1978)

After being released from jail, Anthony and Pedro head out to their friend’s house to smoke some weed. However, their friend has called immigration so he can get a ride to a wedding in Mexico. Pedro and Anthony get deported to Tijuana, but the guys need to make it back to the states to perform a gig with their band.






dazed-and-confused-1993#4 Dazed and Confused (1993)

It’s the last day of the 1976 school year in Austin, Texas. The school’s seniors are ready to start their summer right with lots of partying, drinking, and of course weed. But first the seniors must welcome the incoming freshman with hazing and pranking.






half-baked-1998#5 Half-Baked (1998)

A group of stoners get off their butts to bail their friend, Kenny, out of jail for killing a cop’s diabetic horse by feeding it junk food. Kenny has his bail set to 1 million dollars. Thurgood, Scarface, and Brian begin to raise money for Kenny’s bail by selling medical marijuana.






harold-and-kumar-go-to-white-castle-2014#6 Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (2004)

Harold and Kumar are best friends who love to get high together. While smoking one night, the fellas get a serious case of the munchies. They come across a White Castle ad on TV and are convinced that they need the famous burger sliders as their late night meal. The closest White Castle is relocated, so Harold and Kumar set out to find the new White Castle.






the-big-lebowski-1998#7 The Big Lebowski (1998)

Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski is mistaken by another person with the same name who is a multimillionaire. The millionaire’s wife owes money to a well a known photographer and due to the confusion of them having the same name, the Dude’s house gets broken into and has his rug peed on by one guy. The Dude seeking payback wants to meet with the millionaire.






cheech-and-chongs-next-movie-1980#8 Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie (1980)

Cheech and Chong go on another adventure, this time Cheech loses his job. His girlfriend, Donna works at the welfare offices. The two potheads go to see Cheech’s girlfriend. Instead of getting welfare the guys are thrown back in the streets to find income some other way. The guys now must come up with a way to get money.






how-high-2001#9 How High (2001)

Jamal and Silas were regular guys up until they smoked some magical weed. This magical weed helped them ace their college entrance exam, and they both got accepted into Harvard. They continue to smoke the magical weed and continue to do well academically, this is until they ran out of their magical weed and have to rely on their normal self to continue to get good grades.






this-is-the-end-2013#10 This is the End (2013)

Jay Baruchel comes into town to visit his old pal Seth Rogen. Seth had an action packed weekend planned for them full of smoking and partying. Jay is hesitant to attend James’s party because he feels James doesn’t like him. The party is going well until Seth and Jay go to the the convenience store for cigarettes. At the store all hell breaks loose when an apocalypse takes place.





Compiled by Valeria Mejia

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