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Travis Danner

Current Las Positas College President Kevin Walthers is on his way out. Which means LPC will be looking for yet another permanent head honcho.

The district could go with the same old, same old and pick yet another initially impressive, out-of-state candidate who doesn’t fit into the school’s culture or it could blaze a new, exciting trail and listen to me.

What could possibly go wrong?

So here they are, the eight best candidates to replace our soon to be dearly departed president Walthers.

Lawrence Witkowski

Has been the president of pretty much every club on campus. Has no shortage of experience running an organization, even several at once. Maintains a connection to the international student community, creating a pipeline to foster more diversity at the school.

Sherman Lyndsey

The school’s IT pro. Keeps the whole campus running as smoothly as possible. What else could you want in a leader?

Christine Kelly

Can bring the campus into the new era of environmental responsibility. Also, did you ever see the movie “Little Big League” where the kid became the manager of the Minnesota Twins? That was totally radical. Having a student become the president of the school would be totally rad-badical.

Stuart McElderry

He’s very popular with the ladies as he maintains a solid “hot” rating on As Barack Obama proved, the women’s vote is crucial in today’s electorate. Plus, copies of “The Barcelona Files” for everyone!

Leslie Gravino

She ran two high-quality programs at LPC in the internship program and LaPTeChs that were recently cut. Gravino deserves better. Let’s hand her the reins.


If we as a school ever need to intimidate anyone, I can think of no better choice than our mascot. That bird is serious. If we’re ever in conflict with a certain sister school over allocation of district funds, I can think of no one else I’d rather have in the room fighting for LPC.

Sarah Thompson

She’s been quoted in every single Express article ever, so she must know a thing or two. For real though, our previous pick for person of the year would be a great candidate and I don’t really have anything else funny to say. Well, seriously though, every story.

Melissa Korber

A tireless champion for the free distribution of information, a great educator and well versed in all things LPC. We’re not at all biased. I swear.

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