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Omar Razawi

Rent is due next week, the car insurance payment went up after that speeding ticket a couple weeks ago, and don’t forget midterms are here!

The struggles of students who are working part time or full time are alive and well. Nearly 4 out of 5 students are working while attending school, with the average student working 19 hours per week during the school year, according to a survey taken by the 2013 College Student Pulse.

Las Positas College students have the pleasure of having available jobs around campus. You can get as close as the Chevron which is always hiring or Beebs Sports Bar & Grill. You can drive a couple miles off to the Dublin and Pleasanton area where it is restaurant galore. The Hacienda Plaza in Dublin, CA has a new restaurant opening up called Lazy Dog Café, which is currently hiring and is surrounded with other potential jobs. The Fallon Gateway is opening up plenty of jobs in that shopping center surrounding BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sprint, Target and Fresh Pixx. These restaurant and sales jobs are always looking for part time workers and are usually very flexible with student schedules.

Obtaining a part time job is not exactly a problem for students at LPC. Juggling the responsibilities of both work and school is the problem.

“There is just not enough time in the day, I want to spend time with friends and family but my work and school hours don’t make it possible,” Jennifer Hepworth, a server at BJ’s, said. Hepworth is a student at LPC and is one of many dealing with the same anxiety of getting through the tough school week during the day and the tough workweek during the night.

Students are able to receive financial help via financial aid or student loans for those who can qualify. Some students get help from their parents more than others. This brings up a question if students are better off having a job while attending college. Many question the work ethic of those whose financial burdens are taken care of without them lifting a finger. Students graduate high school and go to college to further their education and find their career path to start their lives. Developing a strong work ethic by taking care of expenses and responsibilities sets students up for the “real world.” Parents seem to agree, as the only expense that they are more likely to pay is student’s monthly cell phone bills according to the 2013 College Student Pulse.

“I think the trick of juggling school and work is to keep sane by making time for yourself, whether if it’s getting some drinks with friends or going to the gym,” student Brian Quintua said. Then comes the question of when is the time for yourself. Creating the time is key; that means doing homework in between classes. The library is open for students to come in and have the resources to study and get work done. Cutting costs so you can take even one less shift at work: buying used books, using a car as little as possible, shared housing, and use student discounts at local business. Wise Guys Philly Cheesesteak n’ Gyros offers 15% off for students at LPC. Also Nutrishop in Dublin, CA offers 15% off non-sale items to students with a student ID card.

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