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It only took one district judge to find DACA, a program that supports immigrants to allow them to live in the US, unconstitutional. Now, 600,000 students are scrambling to stay in the US without being penalized or deported safely. 

DACA must not be pulled. America has relied on immigrants since its beginning. To say it is unconstitutional would cost thousands of people and destroy the American economy. 

Immigrants are essential to our Nation as they provide so much. Immigrants contribute to the economy, bring new ideas and work harder than Native-Born peers. Contrary to popular belief, they actually expand American culture and raise productivity rates within business in The United States. 

Immigrants positively impact The United States’s labor market and often save and revitalize areas where population decreases. Immigrants contribute to worker shortages, and often make up about a third of workforces in our nation. Studies show that in 2018, the rate of participation within the labor force of foreign born workers was approximately 65.7% which is higher than the Native born percentage that contributed. 

According to the Bureau of Economic Research immigrants are responsible for approximately 36% of all current innovation within The United States. Evidence from the study suggests that most skilled immigrants help their U.S. born colleagues further increase and develop innovation along with productivity. Clearly, America needs immigrants more than immigrants need America. It is the idea of America that entises immigrants. 

Thousands of People leave their countries, their families, and their home and head to America for a chance at the American dream, to have new opportunities, freedom and a chance at a better life. Everyone’s idea of the American Dream is different. To immigrants, it’s the idea of moving forward, creating new opportunities for themselves and others and providing for your loved ones. Regardless, without the American Dream America would not only be dull, we’d lose many opportunities, the possibility of growth, equality and even freedom within our nation. 

It’s the American dream to succeed in the US. It is not the American dream if it means to be persecuted and deported. 

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