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By Morgan Brizee


The Perfect Match left moviegoers shocked by a twist ending.

Main character Charlie, played by Terrence J, is a talent agent playboy that doesn’t see settling down anytime soon until his two friends, played by Donald Faison and Robert Riley, make him a bet. The bet is that he can’t be with just one woman until his friends wedding. Throughout the movie it also shows the issues his two friends are going through with one getting ready for his upcoming wedding and the other trying to have a baby with his wife.

Charlie bumps into a beautiful woman; played by Cassie who he thinks could be the one woman he’ll be with until he confronts her. She just wants casual no strings attached fun, which of course was fine to Charlie. He ends up falling for her and finds out that she is getting married.

In the end Charlie learns to grow up and become more open to wanting a relationship with a woman instead of a one-night stand. This movie is very similar to another movie Terrence was in, Think Like A Man, because it also bounces around to different couples that have their own issues.

The Perfect Match is a classic chick flick showing men working through their issues with their women but also has a twist. This movie shows how some women can have the same mentality that some men have with just wanting to hook up with nothing serious attached. Throughout the entire movie the theatre was filled with nonstop laughter.


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