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How many countless days of the year bore an insignificant purpose? Several. One too many, in fact. Don’t get us started on Valentine’s day and its hallmark rhetoric.

If the goal is to maintain the importance of the overly-hyped holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, then they need to be separated into two distinct experiences. That arguably includes the lack of complete overlap.

Hence why Christmas decorations are complete with balsam, snow-dusted pine cones and multicolored hues, while Thanksgiving mimics pumpkin shapes and alludes to the harvest season.

After all, both celebrations are a month apart. There’s no reason why we, as a society, should be blending the aforementioned two together. It is simply uncouth to treat Thanksgiving and Christmas as a newlywed family merging households.

We do not dream of having stockings, Christmas trees and Mariah Carey playing while we enjoy a Thanksgiving turkey feast. It is meant to the holiday of Thanksgiving.

The holiday season is the time for spending copious amounts of cash to not disappoint that nephew who doesn’t seem to be interested in anything but their ipad or aunt with high standards. 

During November, we should set aside consumer greed and give thanks to that dry turkey, because Grandma was so happy to make it. Furthermore, setting up your Christmas lights before Thanksgiving makes you sick of Christmas by the time it comes around. 

I’m sure you know the feeling. You decide to make a trip to the store for last minute under-the-tree presents and as you explore the barren and crowded store, Michael Bublé overthrows the retail radio.

You love Mr. Bublé as much as the next person, but something about his overly joyful voice makes you want to claw your ears out by the time late December hits. It’s a pattern.

Is it out-of-reach to attribute such annoyance to beginning the Christmas season too early? Perhaps it all began in the middle of your Thanksgiving feast.

Simply put, rushing both holidays destroys the spirit of each one. 

Christmas morning isn’t like it used to be in kiddie school. Don’t drown the hype with premeditated celebration. 

Warmly, The Express staff.


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