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Taylor Lobb


There are songs to write novels to, distinctiveness to create history with and wine to make love with.

There is laughter, enough to make honey with, waves to dance to and expression to paint the sky with.

While abundant, these intangible subjects of bliss are not utilized by most.

They are too often drowned out by words to sharpen daggers with, emotions to make war with, advancements to burn the world with, and an ever present restlessness to fuel violence with.

And what is left in the wake? The voices of those unheard, and the worldwide indifference that can never die.

A planet full of people so resourceful, sizeable, so possible of innovation, yet halted by the belief that we are somehow threateningly different.

We are halted by the assumption that we are far more complex than others who should be our equals.

Strangers we claim we are, yet we hold one another’s philosophies so very dear.

The truth is, when stripped of all defensive facades that have been embedded throughout one’s life, we are all the same. We all care.

In fact, we each care so heavily and so deeply (in such a completely erroneous manner) that we have created powerful barriers. These limit us, in order to go along with the deep rooted concerns we have constructed about each other’s ideologies.

Lingual, racial, sexual, educational, monetary and political barriers have all become the sole consumption of human existence.

It is amazing how divided and also intricately woven together we are. Our dependence for survival does not discriminate, connecting each and every person on this Earth on a spiritual, economic and creative level.

We are so uncomfortable with the idea of oneness that we can’t even feel secure in our own intimate conversations with loved ones. This stems from our practiced behaviors, from the young and innocent not being taught how to have a common ground.

Silence about our thoughts and opinions has deafened our world, fueled by the fear of disconnect. Fear that one single differentiating expression will be capable of causing a family to fall apart and preventing cultures from living peacefully in unison. We choose to live in ignorance of each other rather than learn.

Acceptance is difficult, even for me at times when I am faced with those so harsh and bias with their demeanor and beliefs.

But despite this feat, we must learn to be patient and accept all lives, despite subtle or monumental differences we encounter.

I believe that we must find peace by indulging in the simplistic beauty we were ALL created to feel. We are human, the same as everyone else, and once we achieve this understanding, we will be limitless.

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