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By Christopher Hartwell @SILIENCESEEN

This year’s Livermore Art Walk was a celebration of all things colorful. It is an event that brings together the local talent of the Livermore area in a way that allows the average person to see some of Livermore’s finest artists and their creations.

Denise Bridges, the Development Officer with the LVPAC group said that “Art Walk is day for art, we have over 50 artists coming out here to sell their art ware and jewelry and get their name out.”

The 2016 Livermore Art Walk was a truly sensational occasion with events and attractions for all. As well as the artwork, there was live music by many different musical groups with various diverse styles, which included traditional acoustic ensembles, classical music by orchestral groups, and even some modern music by various artists. steve-rossi3

For the children and teens in the audience looking for something a little extra, there were special items and attractions for Pokémon Go fans. One of the event coordinators, Annie Giannini said, “It is just here for the public to have a good time and look at our local art and have a nice afternoon. We have the Pokémon thing because the kids like it so much.”

The main attraction was not lost in the excitement though, which was clear in the representation of so many artists. The Art Walk is based around the community art, and it was clear that all ages and walks of life were represented in this.

From older more experienced artists to even High School students with an eye for excellent photography, work from everyone was shown.

Deb Bailey, a Granada High School photography teacher who has been at GHS since the 2006-2007 school year said her students really rose to the occasion, saying “This is only six weeks in, and to ask them to do something that is quality enough that lots of these pictures are going to go into the county fair this summer.

“To produce something this quickly this early is sometimes difficult. It’s new work, it’s not like pictures they took at some fabulous spot on vacation over the summer, it’s work that they’ve done here and recently. That’s really nice to see them putting that kind of effort in.”

As well as Granada High, Las Positas College had some truly extraordinary work to show off to the community.

Current Las Positas student Steve Rossi, a sophomore fine arts major said that with his art, “This is what I do, I go to Las Positas every day and paint.”

Rossi mentioned that he does this mainly as a passion and constructive use of his time, saying “I primarily did it because I’m retired now and I didn’t want to be playing golf every day or watching opera on the couch.”

At the Las Positas art tva-band2able, some more stunning work was being shown.

Alison Pitts, a 5th year fine arts major, talked about her central piece that was on display, saying “The title of it is ‘Monkey King and his Double Happiness’ so it’s all supposed to be positivity and sort of how I want to give tribute to where I came from and never want to take it for granted.”

Pitts talked more about the inspiration for her piece, which is based on her heritage. Pitts said, “So it’s a little known fact that I’m half Chinese. My dad is white, my mom is Chinese. I know I look physically white, but I’ve always been kind of connected to the Chinese culture in various ways.”

The real reason for her art, though, is a part of her self-expression and a central part of her life.

Pitts said her art was so important to her. “I enjoy it so much, it’s very therapeutic,” she said.

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