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Augusta Hohn
Staff Writer

Welcome to Las Positas, rookies! We at The Express care about you making a successful adjustment. To that end, we have prepared a guide for you as you get adjusted to college. Here are 15 things all freshman students should know.


Socialize with other students. If you are absent for a class or arrive late it helps to have a contact that can explain what you missed. After college, networking is invaluable for career building.


Always attend classes. Missing information or important dates can be detrimental to a grade. Furthermore, a majority of professors allocate points for attendance.


Take care of yourself because your health is top priority. An illness may impede on academic goals that you have set for yourself.


Utilize all of the resources that are afforded to students. “There’s a lot of resources,” Las Positas librarian, Stephanie Fish, said. The college offers reading and writing assistance, math labs and tutoring for all subjects.


Explore all financial aid options. The financial aid office can help you with your FAFSA application, grants and scholarships.


Don’t stress about choosing a major. Brittany Forneris, Las Positas alumni and California State University East Bay graduate, regrets obsessing about her major. “You’ll change your major a million times. Focus on getting your general education done,” she said.


Familiarize yourself with teachers. Las Positas staff are extremely knowledgeable and are available to assist students. “We have great faculty who are available to you, take advantage of them,” Fish said.


Remember to be aware of your social media reputation. Enjoy your college years but bear in mind that anything you post on social media networks will be available to future employers.


Manage your time wisely. Most students underestimate the amount of work required in college. Prioritize responsibilities and allot time specifically for academic purposes.


Allow time for parking before classes. The parking lot is often full, especially in the first week of school. Finding a parking space and walking to class may be timely and cause you to be late for class.


Always have backup files of assignments. Human and technological error is inevitable. Be a step ahead of the problems by saving files for all of your assignments. Dropbox is also useful in retrieving these files from any computer.


“Surround yourself with people who want what you want,” Fish said. Students with similar goals are beneficial to each other.


Don’t pay full price for new textbooks. Used books are available in the Las Positas bookstore, as are rentals. The Textbook Loaner Program, provided by The Associated Students of Las Positas College (ASLPC), also has a collection of textbooks available to rent for $30. Additionally, it is extremely cost effective to purchase or rent textbooks online through sites such as, Amazon, Chegg or


Keep a calendar for important dates. An online calendar or student planner is essential to college life. It is impossible to remember all exam and assignment due dates.


Be open to change. A majority of the experiences and opportunities in college are unplanned. Be willing to alter your prior arrangements.


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