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UPDATE: Dec. 18, 2018: The Board of Trustees has interviewed all three candidates and selected none of them. The search for a new chancellor will be indefinitely postponed. Read more here.

The Express, after careful consideration and review of all three candidates, endorses Dr. Lisa Avery for chancellor of the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District. Dr. Avery’s obvious dedication to student interest and strong record of both financial and educational competence made her a standout candidate for the leadership position. Another strength that Avery showed was her confidence and her complete transparency, something that the other two candidates could not manage to outshine.

When asked about a particularly memorable failure, Avery responded nearly without hesitation, telling about a time she hired somebody too quickly and they were not able to take on the tasks involved. She expressed regret that she had not only failed herself, but the person and the students. “Sometimes, no action and waiting is better than the wrong path,” she said of her greatest takeaway. Her answers all showed signs of a highly collaborative worker with genuine passion. Avery’s collected countenance and tone of transparency make her, based on this forum, the most qualified and best candidate for the chancellorship.

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