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Nicholas Biria


The Search is on for a new Chair for the Las Positas College Inter-Club Council.

The ICC is in charge of coordinating inter-club activities, funding clubs and promoting communication and participation between the 37 different groups on campus.

Las Positas Director of Student Life Scott Miner in charge of all the ICC meetings; he is hoping for someone who is not shy and who will work to get people motivated about campus activities.

“There is a lot of responsibility that comes along with the position,” Miner said.

The ICC chair is currently vacant, but is open to any interested student. Meetings are held every two weeks in the fall and spring semesters.

David Abeledo, a second-year Las Positas student is thinking of applying for the position.

“ I heard the position is open to anyone who is willing to put in the effort and determination towards ICC,” Abeledo said. He was on his high school’s student council and knows how much really goes into making it successful.

Students who are interested in the position can start the process by picking up the necessary forms at the Student Senate Offices on the first floor of the 1600 building.

They can return the Sept. 17 to campaign, and student council will announce election winners the following day.

Miner and Abeledo agreed that the ICC needs someone who is dedicated and determined because of the amount of work involved. They’re hoping for someone who works well with others, and someone who is a good communicator as well.

LPC student Sarah Klaffke was in the Japanese Animation and Manga Society last year and really enjoyed it.

“I really want someone who is going to be involved with the school and get people excited about the things that go on,” Klaffke said.

But after walking by club booths on the quad recently, she said, “I felt like the people that approached me didn’t seem very excited.”

Klaffke said she doesn’t think she will be returning JAMS because people aren’t as excited anymore about joining clubs as they used to be.

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