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People love movies for different reasons.

Some like to laugh. Some like formulaic dramas. Some like to see other people chopped to bits in a variety of creative ways. Some people just like to have something to put on to distract their kids.

Others will crave deep searching for truth, meaning and beauty in every moment recorded and projected on the big screen.

But there is one common thread inherent among every human beings relationship to the cinema—your favorite movies contain qualities that are uniquely suited to your particular sensibilities. No one can tell you your favorite movie isn’t the most awesome thing ever committed to celluloid.

Which brings us to the Academy Awards—the annual Hollywood pat-yourself-on-the-back-athon, where the “best” of the year in film is chosen. But really, it’s all one big sham—the Oscars don’t have the ability to determine what the best of anything is, no more than you or I do.

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