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Silento’ just turned 17 earlier this year and made it from Atlanta to Los Angeles and back off of his song “Watch Me”. The highschooler turned internet star got 220+ million views on his video released just last June and, “The momentum just doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop,” said Big Boy Radio personality Kurt Alexander.

The official video begins with a compilation of thousands of different videos of people doing his ‘whip and nae nae’ dance. Just an example of the influence his one record made.

Most would put this video under the viral category. Saying it’s a one-hit wonder. Alexander explained how so many people are making viral videos these days, the radio station found it difficult to even find the artist. However, young Ricky Lamar Hawk has been making music since 8th-grade with his friends DJ Grand and Bolo.

Check out his interview with Big Boy here and more music there.

And this photo of Hillary Clinton hitting the whip on ‘Ellen’


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