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By Morgan Brizee


Student government is expanding its efforts to get the students the textbooks they need.

The Textbook Loaner Program has been a part of Las Positas College for five years, and is run by the Associated Students of Las Positas College. It becomes available for students on the first day of the new semester, and usually runs for about two weeks.

The Textbook Loaner Program is run by the student government, and is funded by the Las Positas College Foundation donations and the student fees paid for each semester.

“This semester, the student government was able to double the Foundation’s donation of $10,000 to make the total donation to the Textbook Loaner Program $20,000,” said Salgado. The student government and the school want to see the Textbook Loaner Program grow and want to have more access codes available with textbooks for students. The only access codes they have been able to get are for elementary statistics and Business 18,” Olga Salgado, Director of Communications for student government, said.

This is a great deal for students because it saves a lot of money on textbooks that run for at least twice as much at the bookstore or online.

“It’s definitely a good resource and very inexpensive over other places like the school bookstore or online,” said Fernando Campos.

Plus, students don’t have to get stuck with the book at the end of the term, and there’s an easy return process. “The student government has sold about 200-250 textbooks this semester. Usually most only rent one textbook even though they are able to rent up to three,” Student Life adviser Scott Miner said.

The student government also offers a deal to waive the $30 fee per book if a student donates a book that is being used for the current semester and is in good condition. “We also are interested in creating more programs and services for students, so if any students have any ideas for new ones they should go by the student government center and let them know,” Olga Salgado also said.

The most common textbooks that they sell out of are Anthropology 1, Biology 1B, Biology 7A, Chemistry 12A & 12B, Music 5, Physics 2A & 2B, Marketing 50, Math 20, Political Science 7, and Psychology 4.



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