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By William Tanner 
Arts & Entertainment Editor

For three months, previews teased of the gratuitous action we would see in the sci-fi thriller “Pacific Rim.” I hungered for this movie every day until I finally got the chance to see it. Boy was it worth the wait.

Set in the near future, the world has come under attack from monsters called Kaiju. These Kaiju were entering our world though a dimensional rift buried deep within the ocean. To fight back, the Jeager program was created. Jeagers are giant armored suits the size of massive buildings piloted by two people. The pilots are connected through a technique called drifting, allowing them to tap into the others brain and fight as one.

Ok, so I’m going to turn into a total fan girl here for a second, so please forgive me. Guillermo del Toro talked about how he wanted this movie to be the redefining of the monster movie genre. He did more than that. He made the monster movie. His use of creative movie monsters and expanding on real life technology make for the perfect action thriller. Crisp action scenes make every fight enjoyable. Unlike recent action movies, every action was visible and clean. The soundtrack complimented the movie perfectly. Nothing was too loud over the dialogue and the music was never out of place.

I can’t say enough about the casting for this film. Everyone was perfect for their role. Charlie Hunnam, Jax from ”Sons of Anarchy”, and Rinko Kikuchi carried this film as two of the main protagonists. Joined by  Idris Elba, Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia), and Ron Perlman all lent their skills to help make this movie one of the best of the season.

Pacific Rim is the perfect summer movie. It has everything you could want in a thriller: fantastic action sequences, a nice plotline, some romance, the perfect cast and lots of robot on monster violence.  If you are thinking about seeing it, I urge you to go watch it. It is a movie experience that shouldn’t be missed.

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