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William Tanner

The recently released student accreditation survey results have painted the campus in a good light. 

The survey is a key part of the accreditation process. Every year that the accreditation process rolls around, the survey is released.

According to Sarah Thompson, a sociology professor, the classes chosen to take the survey are done at random. The survey, done by the Las Positas College Office of Institutional Research and Planning, involved 1535 students.

Students have deemed that overall they are 87 percent very satisfied or satisfied. That is a four percent increase over the last survey done in 2012.

Pauline Trummel, who runs the Tutorial Learning Center, wasn’t surprised at the numbers for the tutorial center. With a record number of students coming in to the center this semester, Trummel had expected that the survey would be favorable.

“We are growing this semester,” Trummel said. “Every time I take a survey at the end of the semester, we get very high satisfaction rates.”

One area that was surprising to students was counseling. Rising up to 65.5 percent average from a stark 48 percent in 2012, the new changes made at the counseling office have paid off.

“Every time when I would go for an appointment when they were in the old offices that would take weeks,” said LPC student Mary McDermott. “The last time I had an appointment it was a walk in so that did not bother me. “

With the addition of new counselors the numbers should continue to rise upwards as the next accreditation nears.

“They have significantly increased their counseling staff,” Thompson said. “The counseling staff has been so overburdened for the last couple years because of the Education Plans.

“Right now there is a long wait for counselors because there is a backlog because of the student ed. plans, but once that backlog is gone, it should only be incoming freshman. There might be some significant changes as a result of that.”

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